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Anxiety Therapy at Home - Dancing with your Shadow

Helena Green Anxiety Workbook

 Author: Helena H Green RPC, MPCC


Bending Light

 Book Cover - Glenn Robitaille 

Author - Glenn A. Robitaille, RPC, MPCP 

 Life Losses - Healing for a Broken Heart

Book Cover - Janelle

Author - Janelle Breese Biagioni, RPC 

Walking Towards Hope 

Book Cover - Paul
   Author - Paul M Beckingham - DMin, MDiv, DipCS, BEd (Hons), RPC



Terminal Living
Book Cover - Sandy
 Author - Dr. Sandy Madden

Reclaim Your Soul - Alyson Quinn

Book Cover - Alyson

Author - Alyson Quinn, RPC

Path of Life Journal
Book Cover - Path Of Life
 Author - Julie Ann Geddes, RPC

In Praise of Uncertainty
Book Cover - Allan
Author - Glenn A. Robitaille, RPC, MPCC
Experiential Unity Theory and ModelBook Cover - Alyson
Author - Alyson Quinn, RPC

Professional Spiritual and Pastoral Care:
A Practical Clergy and Chaplain's Handbook
Book Cover Clergy
Author - Stephen B. Roberts 

The Control Freaks Guide to Living Lightly
Book Cover - Gail
Author - Gail Barker & Gail Nielsen 

Whispers of Hope 
Transcending Abuse, Cancer and Divorce to Embrace Peace

 Book Cover -Whisper

Author - Denise Cunningham


Tears in a Bottle

Book Cover - Tears

Author: Clair H. Jantzen, RPC, MPCC-S


Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself:
The Top 10 Survival Tips for Loving Someone with an Addiction

Book -Cover - Loving an Addict
Author - Candance Plattor, MA 

Dating the Ethnic Man book by Dr. Faizal H. Sahukhan

Book Cover - Faizal
Author - Faizal Sahukhan, PhD 


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