FAQ Liability Insurance

Where does the policy allow me to work?

This policy allows you to work within each of the provinces and territories of Canada.

What level of coverage do I need?

With legal costs and the likelihood of being sued increasing, you should consider as much cover as you can afford. Your own personal circumstances will also have a bearing on the amount of cover you may need. For example, corporate clients may require that you have a $5,000,000 liability limit. The minimum level of coverage is currenty $2,000,000.  

Why should I arrange my insurance through you?

The professional liability program offered by CPCA through McFarlan Rowlands provides the coverage required by the association. McFarlan Rowlands has 40 yrs experience dealing with group Professional Liability and Medical Malpractice Insurance programs. One of the benefits of CPCA membership is your access to this professional liability insurance program that offers special rates to members.

What does 'limit of indemnity' mean?

The Limit of Indemnity is the maximum amount the insurer will pay on your behalf to compensate others for insured losses.

Do I need to pay any legal costs up front?

No, the insurance company has the duty to defend, at their expense, any suit brought against you for an insured loss. It is important to note that the policy provides defence costs are in addition to the limits of coverage.

What happens if I make a claim?

Should you decide to make a claim McFarlan Rowlands will give the information to the insurance company, who will then have an adjuster contact you to walk you through the claims process.

What should I do if I think I might need to make a claim?

You should notify McFarlan Rowlands. As your Broker, they will discuss the scenario and coverages with you to help determine whether or not a claim need be reported to the insurance company.

Am I covered for teaching or training others in counselling?

Yes, the policy will cover teaching or training in the counsellor's area of expertise.

Do I require liability insurance while non-practicing?

Yes, it is imperative that liability insurance is maintained at all times in order to maintain the good standing status of your CPCA membership. If becoming non-practicing due to Retirement, contact your Iinsurance provider to discuss coverage options.


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