To become a CPCA Approved Counselling Education Program, it has been verified that their program teaches all of the CPCA Counselling Core Competencies for an individual to meet all entry-to-practice competencies to become a clinical counsellor.   These core competencies include:  

  1. Counselling Foundations: Knowing psychological health, development, and     dysfunction
  2. Counselling Interventions: Knowing when and how to complete successful interventions
  3. Counselling Processes: Knowledgeable and skilled at assessing and working with client issues
  4. Counselling Skills and Techniques: Using counselling skills to build therapeutic relationships
  5. Ethics and Ethical Practice: Using ethical principles to guide best practice
  6. Reflective Practice: Taking care of self to better take care of the client
  7. Professional Practice: Doing the business of counselling
  8. Professional Communication: Presenting oneself as a professional to the world 
All Canadian Universities recognized by the government who provide degree level education in Counselling, Counselling Psychology or Psychotherapy are also recognized and approved by the CPCA.


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Briercrest College and Seminary

Master Of Counselling


Kelowna College of Professional Counselling (KCPC)

Diploma - Specializing in Professional Counselling

Diploma - Specializing in Addiction Counselling

Diploma - Specialization in Counselling Therapy

Diploma - Specialization in Psychotherapy

  Pacific LIfe Bible College

Pacific Life Bible College

Christian Counselling Diploma

 Rhodes Wellness College

Rhodes Wellness College

Professional Counselling Diploma

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Sprott Shaw College

Professional Counselling Diploma Program

Stenberg College

Stenberg College

Counselling Therapist Diploma Program



Victory Bible College


Yorkville University

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

Doctor of Counselling and Psychotherapy Degree


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Working together to promote and support
competency in clinical counselling & psychotherapy.