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ASH Couseling
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Ida Hearder

Fort Saskatchewan AB
T8L 0V7

Phone: 604-353-8454



Hello :)
My name is IdaNicole, I am a Registered Professional Counselor, mother to 2 adults and a gramma to 3 littles with a third one on the way. I struggled with my own relationship with sex, confidence and with healthy relationships in general. I struggled with what was going on inside me and how to have a healthy intimate relationship after sexual abuse.

I started working in pre and postnatal outreach, parenting, as well as anxiety and couples relationship work. I noticed that no matter what area I was in, your relationship with sex and sexuality can provide insights into every aspect of your life; nothing is more intimate and private; it can affect every part of us and our lives - in or out of a relationship. Do you have questions about sex, sexuality, lifestyles, how to improve intimacy, your physical relationship or are you not sure if you're in the right place even? I am happy to discuss any and all questions you may have.

I book an initial consultation which is free of charge - it is to discuss what you are hoping to get support with, get to know each other a little and decide what next steps you would like to take and is approximately 30 minutes long. Regular appointments are approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Longer sessions can be booked as well as evening and weekend appointments can also be arranged. My schedule varies each week so please do not go by the hours listed.

I use more than one style of therapy and tailor that to each individual. I look forward to meeting you and seeing how I can best support you :)

Counselling Approaches

Anger Management
Attachment Based Therapy
Behavioural Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
E-Therapy / Telephone Counselling
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping
LGBTQ2 Affirmative Therapy
Person Centered Therapy
Sex Therapy

Counselling Issues

Communication & Conflict Resolution
Couples / Relationship
Self-Esteem / Self Growth
Sex Addiction / Internet
Sex, Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Communication Among Partners
Transgender Transition


Mission Statement

Working together to promote and support
competency in clinical counselling & psychotherapy.